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The Coureur des Bois is a synonym of wine. The Wine Team is constantly exuding their obsession for wine with curious suggestions and insider secrets. Two paths lead to the wine cellar; That of the connoisseur who comes to create another dreamlike memory and those of the casual participant, fond of small producers leaning towards prevailant vinifications and aromatic profiles. No matter the path their is just one destination : Passion

The Coureur des Bois is honoured to be apart of the 100 best restaurants in the world according to Wine Spectator who has bestowed the Coureur des Bois with the Grand Award of Excellence since 2018. The wine list is comprised of over 5,100 references for an inventory of 18,000 bottles.

Last update: July 17th 2024

Wine Pairings

Wine pairings are of second nature and is our way of expressing ourselves. Explore the ’’third sense’’ that which entwines plate to glass.

  • Sommelier Pairing : this pairing propses wines that are original in vinification and aromatique profiles that follow the tendancy of the modern palate. A pairing for those who are in search of curiosity and authenticity.
  • Prestige Pairing : this pairing persists time and refuses common locations but proposes wines from the most classic appellations, world class winemakers, small and biodynamic or large and in allocation al with the purpose of selecting some of the most iconic wines our cellar has to offer
  • Grand Award Pairing : this pairing rests on the simple idea that life is short and uses the present moment to prove it!

Winemaker Dinners

Be an integral part of an original dinner where our Chef Jean-Sebastien Giguère invites and combines his cuisine to that of renowned winemakers, on road to a tasting menu that is animated and unique.

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