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Seasonal oysters, cantaloupe and basil oil 3 (12$) 6(22$)
ENTRÉES (incluse avec plats principaux)
Matsutake, mushroom broth and poached egg from our coop
Poultry paté, fruit chutney and tourville greens
Tuna mousse, capers and squid ink chip
Quebec leek, fresh herb broad bean, fried brioche and shiitake mayo
Grilled hanger steak, smoked onions, parsnip, wild rice chip 36
Cod filet, mussels, clams, sun choke and shiitake 34
Fried ricotta gnocchi, duck confit, mushrooms, parmesan and meat reduction sauce 29
Boudin sausage from Trois Cochons Gourmands tarte, apples, leek and romanesco 30
Venison tartare, bourgot from Baie-Comeau, black garlic mayo and pholiote mushroom 33
Sugar shack donut, maple butter stuffing and apples 10
French almond cake, lavender, chocolate and blueberries 13
Poached peach, white chocolate mousse and sweetclover ice cream 13


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